F Club Committee

The F Club Committee is a sub-committee of the Gator Boosters Board of Directors and is made up of F Club Members from various Gator sports. This committee meets periodically throughout the year to discuss any issues related to the F Club and each year is responsible for selecting the class of inductees for the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame.

2015-16 F Club Committee Members

  • Pontious, Cheryl, Past President (Women’s Golf)
  • McGinnis, Rick, President (Men’s Basketball)
  • Whittemore, Missy, President Elect (Volleyball)
  • Pastor, Stefan, Vice President (Men’s Track & Field)
  • Castaldo, Eric, Secretary/Treasurer (Baseball)
  • Carlson, Norm (Honorary)
  • Rogers, Ann Marie (Honorary)
  • Fico, Lindsay (Softball)
  • Bittner, Lori (Women’s Tennis)
  • Capel, John, Jr. (Football, Men’s Track & Field)
  • Guise, Kristen (Gymnastics)
  • Murphey, Dr. Milledge (Wrestling)
  • Cetlinski, Matt (Men’s Swimming & Diving)
  • Cowans, Alvin (Football)
  • Williams, Charlie (Football)
  • Foster, Teddy (Baseball)
  • Abbott, Catfish (Football)
  • Kirkpatrick, Kirk (Football)
  • Brock, Jan (Women’s Tennis)
  • Lennon, Kay (Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Track & Field)
  • McNerney, Mimosa (Women’s Swimming & Diving)
  • Cardozo, Jeff (Baseball)
  • Dennis, Guy (Football)
  • Williams, Bradley (Mascot)
  • Giblin, Pam (Women’s Basketball)
  • Pringle, James (Men’s Track & Field)
  • Pattishall, Lynn (Soccer)
  • McGinnis, Mike (Men’s Basketball)
  • Koss, Bill (Men’s Basketball)
  • Skiratko, Karen (Cheerleading)

How do I join the F Club Committee?

If you are interested in serving on the F Club Committee, please contact Kyle Rogers online or at (352) 375-4683 x5021.